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Presses and equipment for processing 
plastics and composites

Thermocompression presses for composites

Designed with eco-efficiency in mind, thermocompression presses DK of the TCE series stand out for their high performance and characteristics. This series of presses meets requirements and needs ranging from laboratory development to industrialization and mass production. They integrate the latest innovations in management and regulation.

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Injection presses for thermoplastics

Designed with an eco-efficiency objective, the ELSYS series horizontal and vertical injection presses adapt to the most demanding specifications. Their hybrid design guarantees an optimum reduction in electricity consumption. This series of presses meets the requirements and needs in industrial production. They integrate the latest innovations in management (data traceability, remote maintenance).
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50 years of innovation in plastics processing: DK technologies expertise

Designer and manufacturer, we develop innovative presses, adapted to our customers' processes, thanks to our know-how in transformation processes by injection, compression, thermocompression, etc. by combining efficient mechanical technologies and digital technologies with the design of these machines.

Retrofit and reduction of energy consumption

Our retrofit solutions for the hydraulic systems of DK presses drastically reduce energy consumption.
Via the installation of drives and/or servo pumps and brushless motors, power consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.
We can intervene to measure your consumption and calculate the return on investment.

Energy kWh
Up to -70%

Peripheral equipment

We offer a complete production solution by offering a range of peripheral equipment for the thermoregulation of tools (thermoregulators, coolers), material feeding and processing (ovens, desiccators, colorers), automation (conveyors for plastic parts) , recycling (shredders) and 3D printing using pellets.

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