Thermocompression presses for composites

TCE series from 50 to 2000 kN

Innovative, energy-saving electric thermocompression presses designed for industrial production and laboratory development
Designed with eco-efficiency in mind, the DK thermocompression presses of the TCE series stand out for their high performance and characteristics. This series of presses meets requirements and needs ranging from laboratory development to industrialization and mass production. They integrate the latest innovations in management and regulation.
TCE series from 50 to 2000 kN
  • Excellent precision of pressure regulation by frequency variator, including at low pressure
  • Heating and cooling plates up to 450°C
  • High performance thermal regulation:
    • Temperature rise ramps up to 40°C/min
    • Air and water cooling ramps up to 50°C/min

Reduction of consumption electric up to 70%
Extremely low noise level
Data acquisition
Remote maintenance

Design and functions
  • Thermoregulation of heating plates optimized by high-load heating cartridges

  • Independent control of each heating zone

  • Air and water controlled cooling

  • Simple and intuitive programming interface with online help

  • Data acquisition exportable to Excel spreadsheet via USB key or Ethernet network, display of curves on the HMI

  • Levels adjustable in time, pressure, temperature

  • Touch screen with multi-language HMI

  • Hot zone/cold zone double interval press
  • Material transfer cylinder
  • Vacuum system
  • RTM injection unit
  • Suction hopper
  • Tool loading table
  • Secure remote maintenance
  • Data acquisition for analysis using an external Excel spreadsheet
  • Infra-red ovens for material preheating
  • Integration into a production supervision system
Kind Strength Tray dimensions Temperature range Thermal regulation/cooling mode
TCE 20

200kN 300 x 300mm
500 x 500mm
Standard: up to 250°C
Option: up to 450°C
Heating ramps up to 40°C/min
Cooling ramps up to 50°C/min
TCE 40

400kN 400 x 400mm
500 x 500mm

TCE 60
600kN 400 x 400mm
500 x 500mm
TCE 80

800 kN 500 x 500mm
700 x 700mm
TCE 100

1000kN 700 x 700mm
900 x 900mm
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