Injection presses for thermoplastics

ELSYS series from 350 to 4500 kN

Autonomous injection units
Designed with an objective of eco-efficiency, the ELSYS series injection presses adapt to the most demanding specifications. 
Their hybrid design guarantees an optimum reduction in electricity consumption.
This series of presses meets the requirements and needs in industrial production. 
They integrate the latest innovations in management (data traceability, remote maintenance).

With more than 50 years of expertise, DK technologies develops innovative tailor-made solutions for production units, 
adapted to the specific specifications of its customers.

ELSYS horizontal or vertical presses integrate hybrid technology combining electric axes and servo pumps controlled by a variator.

Their design optimizes performance by combining the precision of electrical regulation with hydraulic performance and reduces electrical consumption up to 70%

Cooling water consumption is also greatly reduced, as is the noise level.


ELSYS presses combine different closing and injection units.
They can be equipped with several options (injection-compression program, additional multi-component injection units, etc.).
These presses have a simple and intuitive programming interface and online configuration help.


The latest generation of M4.04 control system integrates self-adaptive regulation functionalities, a communication bus limiting cabling, data traceability, secure remote maintenance, communication to external equipment to Euromap standards, thus orienting itself towards industry 4.0.

  Euromap capacity
Closing force kN  60  160 320 500 800 1200 2000
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